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Trollbeads vs. Pandora

Trollbeads vs. Pandora

At a Glance

Although there’s something to be said for Pandora’s modern designs, fans of Trollbeads love the company’s lineage of nearly 40 years.

For all those who are enthusiastic about exploring charms jewelry, you may have wondered about the comparison between Trollbeads vs. Pandora, two of the leading charm manufacturers currently on the market. Let’s try and get a clear picture of both brand names that have grown immensely popular in recent years. Trollbeads and Pandora are both jewelry manufacturers that are based in Denmark. While Trollbeads is an older company compared to Pandora, the latter has managed to find a fan base and cut into the former’s market.

Chains by Pandora

The chains used by Trollbeads for their jewelry are a lot thinner than those used by Pandora. The charms made by the former also attach themselves to the necklaces or bracelets as opposed to the latter. Pandora jewelry makes use of chains that have special threaded ends and uses charms that have threads on the inside. If you wish to add more charms to a bracelet from Pandora, you will be required to twist the charm onto the necklace or bracelet. While changing charms, it is possible that you may drop a few by mistake so they choose to make their jewelry in this manner in order to ensure that the charms do not slide off accidentally.

Pictured at top: Sterling Silver Trollbeads Charm

Chains by Trollbeads

Trollbeads does not incorporate any special threading. Their beads and charms can be slid on and off the necklaces or bracelets instead. Pandora has emerged as the more popular brand of charms jewelry but those who really take an interest in such accessories prefer Trollbeads because they are considered to be the more experienced manufacturers. While Pandora is also considered to be thicker and sturdy, Trollbeads does look more elegant and flexible. Bracelets and necklaces from Trollbeads also showcase better craftsmanship as compared to Pandora but different customers have different preferences so many actually choose Pandora over Trollbeads.

User Reviews about Trollbeads vs. Pandora

Those who have worn both brands suggest that Trollbeads charms look earthier and more organic. Since Trollbeads also has more experience in comparison to Pandora, their experiments with design and texture are better received by customers. They also like the idea that all charms made by Pandora can slide onto a necklace or a bracelet from Trollbeads, while the reverse isn’t true; charms made by Trollbeads do not fit the chains designed by Pandora. Since both brands price their jewelry at more or less the same range, it basically boils down to the personal choice of each consumer.

Final Verdict

If you are one who likes to wear jewelry that has a lot of history and lineage, Trollbeads will perhaps be the brand you will opt for. The business is largely family run and started off way back in 1976. They have both excellent and experienced designers who come up with the most beautiful designs. Trollbeads also emits a certain old world charm that is lacking in Pandora. Pandora on the other hand will be your ideal option if you like jazzier charms jewelry. The designs are a little more modern than those found at Trollbeads and Pandora’s popularity definitely outdoes its rivals’. Both wearers of Trollbeads and Pandora have been very satisfied with their purchases so feel free to try any.