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Ten Places to Find the Perfect Rental

Ten Places to Find the Perfect Rental

Craigslist has quickly become the leading source of information for those seeking a nearby apartment rental or a larger rental home. Even so, it isn’t the only game in town when it comes to finding a local, affordable rental managed by either a property management company or an enterprising individual. For the best chance at a great deal and an affordable, long-term lease, prospective tenants have at least ten great resources that can help them in their pursuit.

Apartment Guide

Apartment Guide is published both online and in print, and it offers a full listing of nearby private rentals, major complexes, and other facilities for rent that will work for single renters, couples, and families. Best of all, the publication often offers reviews of larger complexes that can help renters make a better move.


Trulia searches member-submitted rental listings and the MLS database to return a good combination of local complexes and private, single-family homes for lease. The site features photos, contact information, and direct links to any local realty agency that might be managing or showing the property in question.

Friends and Family Members

It’s pretty common for homeowners to purchase a second home and offer it up as a rental property, and younger renters might be able to score a great deal on one of these rentals if the owner is a family friend or even a relative. Always work family connections first, before venturing into the riskier world of complexes and private landlords.

Local Newspapers and Websites

Local newspapers have long been in the business of publishing classifieds, but that business has moved online in recent years and can now be searched just like Craigslist. With more private landlords and more local properties than competing options online, this is a great local resource.


Padmapper won’t have every local rental listed, but it will still have a pretty large amount. The best feature of this website, though, is in its name: The site shows every rental listing on a map, making it possible to pick the perfect location close to work, transit, or other local amenities that renters require.

Google Local

Google’s local listings include local realtors, property managers, and other professionals who offer rentals in the nearby area. Links to the company’s website, as well as user reviews, business hours, and nearby transit connections, are all offered with these listings, making them exceedingly easy to browse and put to good use.

Local Realty Companies

While local real estate agents are more likely to sell a property than rent one, many larger firms do offer a property management service for clients offering a local rental. They’ll include these listings on their website, complete with pictures, square footage, and the monthly rental amount.

Local Condo Associations

The recent difficulties in the real estate market have meant a lot more condos are available for rent. In fact, many people buy condos and “flip” them into lucrative rentals as a way to make a living. Most condo associations note which condos are being offered as rentals, and they’ll offer a full list to those who call and inquire about any current or future vacancies in the building.

Never-Sold Houses for Sale

Many houses currently on the market just aren’t selling, and others are drawing offers that are well below the asking price or fair market value. It makes sense for homeowners to consider renting these properties and, if they happen to know someone looking to rent, they’ll certainly entertain the idea. This arrangement financially benefits both parties, making it a sensible negotiation.

Local Property Management Companies

Many urban and suburban areas are home to large property management companies that rent out large complexes and smaller apartment buildings. These companies advertise vacancies on their own website, but they don’t often list each property on Craigslist. This can be great way to find an affordable hidden gem that missed Craigslist’s radar.

A Wealth of Tools for the Prospective Renter

With the right combination of websites and offline resources, those looking to find the rental of their dreams will be more likely to find a high-quality at a more affordable price. Best of all, it moves the experience well beyond the more limited scope of Craigslist.