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Mauviel vs. Falk

Posted in Household

While Mauviel tends to cost a little more than Falk cookware, the elegant French styling is difficult to ignore.

Satin vs. Sateen Sheets

Posted in Household

While satin and sateen sheets may feel and look similar, they are made from different fibers. This results in different care requirements and widely varying prices.

Sateen vs. Silk Sheets

Posted in Household

Silk sheets are legendary for their luxurious feel, but they are also expensive and fussy to care for. Sateen sheets give you a silk-like experience at a much lower cost, but with less long-term durability.

Percale vs. Sateen Sheets

Posted in Household

Since India gave us the gift of percale sheets, they have become popular throughout the world for their versatility and durability. Sateen sheets are processed with lye to increase their shine and smoothness while still retaining a bit of crispness.

Sateen vs. Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Posted in Household

A special treatment process gives sateen sheets the crispness of cotton and the smoothness of satin. However, they may not be as versatile or as durable as the best Egyptian cotton sheets.

Cotton vs. Silk Sheets

Posted in Household

If you’re trying to decide between cotton sheets and silk sheets, the debate boils down to whether you prefer your sheets to be smooth or crisp.

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