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Posted in Tech

WPA was created to replace the older flawed Wi-Fi security standard, WEP. Unless your devices don’t support WPA, there’s no reason not to upgrade.


Posted in Tech

The price difference between LCD and LED TVs has become almost too small to matter, and LED TVs are vastly superior.

Corian vs. Granite

Posted in Household

Corian is less expensive and easier to maintain than granite, but it also adds less to the resale value of a home.

Investing in Silver: A Primer

Posted in Featured

Private bullion is the least expensive way to invest in bulk silver. However, junk silver and government bullion have benefits that shouldn’t be ignored.

Silver vs. Clad Coins

Posted in Money

Silver coins are easily distinguishable from less valuable clad coins by their appearance and intrinsic value.

Cable vs. Satellite TV

Posted in Tech

Although satellite TV offers a greater number of channels than cable, it also requires a dish and may incur installation expenses in some cases. Cable TV is less flexible but may be more convenient.


Posted in Tech

Although WiMAX has a longer range of transmission than LTE, the difference between the two transmission standards is not likely to matter to most consumers.

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