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DLP vs. LCD Projectors

Posted in Tech

DLP projectors are highly portable and tend to offer excellent performance for video content. LCD projectors tend to produce superior video quality when displaying still images.

Certified vs. Raw Diamonds

Posted in Household

Certified diamonds have been cut and polished and include a certification from a gemologist fully describing their characteristics. Rough diamonds are freshly cut from rock and ready to be faceted according to your specifications.

Advantix vs. Frontline

Posted in Household

Advantix and Frontline function in similar fashions and are available at roughly the same price. However, their active ingredients differ significantly.


Posted in Tech

Although DVI has the unique feature of being able to carry legacy analog video signals, HDMI is superior in every way. It also has the ability of carrying audio and video data across a single cable.

Trollbeads vs. Pandora

Posted in Household

Although there’s something to be said for Pandora’s modern designs, fans of Trollbeads love the company’s lineage of nearly 40 years.

Silver Panda vs. Silver Eagle

Posted in Money

Although the Silver Panda is more prized by collectors, hardcore silver investors may stand to earn greater returns with the Silver Eagle.

Invisalign vs. Braces

Posted in Household

Invisalign can correct many types of tooth alignment problems with more comfort than braces and without sacrificing the appearance of your smile. However, there are certain problems only braces can correct.

FiOS vs. Cable

Posted in Tech

FiOS provides much higher upload and download speeds than cable at a similar monthly cost. However, while cable is available even in many smaller towns, you may have difficulty getting FiOS outside major metropolitan areas.

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