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N900 vs. iPhone

Posted in Tech

Today, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong by buying an iPhone. However, the Nokia N900 has several features that are worth considering.

Kobo vs. Kindle

Posted in Tech

Rakuten’s Kobo has recently emerged as a potential competitor for Amazon’s Kindle. When considering the Kobo vs. Kindle, the expandable storage and low price of the Kobo must be taken into account against the Kindle’s superior performance and selection of content.

Joomla vs. Drupal

Posted in Tech

While Joomla is generally considered one of the easiest content management systems to use, it is considered by some to be less stable than Drupal and therefore less appropriate for business websites.

Core i3 vs. Core i5

Posted in Tech

With up to four processing cores, the Intel Core i5 has significantly more capabilities than the Intel Core i3. However, the price difference between the two is a small one. You may not notice the difference if you don’t push your computer, though.

Graded vs. Raw Coins

Posted in Money

A graded coin has been verified as genuine and has had its condition evaluated by a professional grader who has likely seen many thousands of coins in his or her career. Although you will pay more for graded coins than you would for raw coins, you can also be reasonably certain that your investment is safe.

Gold vs. Silver Jewelry

Posted in Household

Gold is rare and desirable while resisting tarnish and serving as a possible investment vehicle for the future. Silver jewelry is available at a fraction of the cost. Although it is quite beautiful, it lacks some of gold’s properties.

LED vs. Plasma

Posted in Tech

Plasma TVs are large, affordable and offer rich colors with excellent contrast. However, LED TVs tend to cost less to operate while being easier to view in bright rooms.


Posted in Money

HMO makes healthcare more affordable but can be restrictive in terms of the physicians you can visit. A PPO plan is more expensive but offers greater flexibility.

Parmesan vs. Romano Cheese

Posted in Household

Parmesan and Romano are two of the world’s most popular hard grating cheeses. Romano tends to have a sharper, more salty flavor, while Parmesan is milder and melts more smoothly.

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