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Sonicare vs. Oral B

Posted in Household

Sonicare is the leading name in electric toothbrushes and bests the Oral B toothbrush in power and accessories. However, Oral B is the low price champion.

Sonicare vs. Waterpik

Posted in Household

While nothing currently available can completely replace manual flossing, a clinical study between the Waterpik and Sonicare Airfloss found a clear winner.

Satellite vs. HD Radio

Posted in Auto

While HD Radio upgrades the quality of the radio broadcasts received in your car, Satellite Radio gives you hundreds of stations to choose from.

IQAir vs. Blueair

Posted in Household

The Blueair purifier is inexpensive and effective while adding a sleek appearance to modern homes, but IQAir wins in noise level and efficiency.

IQAir vs. Austin Air

Posted in Household

Although IQAir and Austin Air are both excellent air purifiers for most homes, the IQAir wins in efficiency and noise level — at a price.

OnStar vs. Sync

Posted in Auto

While Ford’s Sync system focuses on entertainment and media playback, OnStar lacks many media features and prioritizes security instead.

OnStar vs. LoJack

Posted in Auto

LoJack is the most trusted auto theft recovery system in the world, but OnStar has a lower up-front cost and a few extra features.

Disc vs. Drum Brakes

Posted in Auto

With their more efficient performance, disc brakes are the standard when top brake force is required.

Steel vs. Alloy Wheels

Posted in Auto

Alloy wheels enhance the appearance, performance and resale value of a care compared to their steel counterparts.

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