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Keurig vs. French Press

Keurig vs. French Press

At a Glance

The Keurig coffee system has taken the world by storm in recent years. It’s an incredibly convenient way of brewing coffee and hundreds of flavors are available. However, coffee purists may prefer the more traditional French Press method of brewing.

For most people, any morning is incomplete without a hot cup of coffee. People all around the world make their coffee using different methods and appliances. Keurig is a popular brand of coffee making machines which has become popular in recent years. Keurig’s are single cup coffee maker machines that make hot steaming coffee in under a minute. Another popular method of making coffee is using French Press coffee machines. Making coffee in French press machines is very easy. However, when it comes to choosing between a Keurig and a French Press coffee machine one must consider pros and cons of both. Here is a comparative review of Keurig vs. French Press coffee makers which will help you get the best coffee maker that suits your needs.


When it comes to portability, French Press coffee makers have the upper hand. The Keurig runs on electricity and is a stationary coffee making appliance. You cannot carry Keurig around while you are travelling. On the other hand, French Press coffee makers are portable and can be carried around in a bag as they do not require any external power source. Keurig are excellent coffee makers for home and office use, whereas, French Press is more suited if you are a frequent traveler. Also, a Keurig takes up more shelf space as compared to French Press machines.

Ease of Use

The French Press coffee makers are manual machines. To make coffee in a French Press one needs to grind coffee beans separately and boil water in a separate machine. After heating the water, you pour it over the coffee grounds in the French Press and stir to combine. After a few minutes, you slowly push the plunger down and pour out the brewed coffee. Hence, even after having a French Press coffee making machine you need to perform some tasks relevant to coffee making in separate appliances. On the other hand, a Keurig is an automatic machine which boils water and prepares coffee without making use of any other appliance. Keurig’s one-touch coffee making technology provides you with exact control of brewing each time; simply add water, select a K-cup and brew.


Every time one makes coffee in a Keurig coffee maker, one needs to use a K-cup. A K-cup is a small plastic cup with different flavors of coffee, tea and even chocolate filled in them along with a coffee filter. The cost of making coffee in Keurig is high because each K-cup is only good for one cup of coffee. Also, as a Keurig runs on electricity it adds slightly to your electricity bill. On the other hand, French Press coffee makers are manual machines and you can use any variant of ground coffee beans in them — though a course grind tends to work better. The cost of a Keurig coffee maker is anywhere from $89 to $250 depending upon the model. The price of a French Press coffee maker starts from $20.


A French press coffee maker makes aromatic coffee with strong flavor unobstructed by coffee filters as it uses none. On the other hand a Keurig makes use of K-cups which comes in many different flavors. There are more than 200 different varieties of K-cups available in the market; many of which have recognizable brand names. Different varieties of teas and hot chocolate are also available in K-cups. Hence, you can even make a delicious cup of tea or hot chocolate with a Keurig machine after from brewing coffee.