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Honda Civic vs. Accord

Honda Civic vs. Accord

At a Glance

The Honda Accord¬†is a small family car designed for customers willing to spend a little more for better power, handling and comfort. However, it is wise not to ignore the Honda Civic, as it’s known as one of the world’s top economy cars for a reason.

The Accord and the Civic both belong to the Honda stable of cars but are designed to cater for needs and desires of different market segments. Although both have been designed as comfortable midsized cars for the family, the Accord is built to attract the higher end of the targeted market.

Fuel Consumption

A look at the specifications of the basic LX model of the Accord sedan reveals that it has a 2.4 liter DOHC engine with 177 horsepower that uses I-VTEC fuel injection system. The basic Civic has a 1.8 SOHC engine packed with a 140 horsepower. The Accord, therefore, attracts customers looking for a little more power out of a smaller car.

In terms of fuel economy, the Accord is thirstier than the Civic since its consumption is rated at 22 MPG in town and 31 MPG on the highway. The Civic on the other hand does 26 MPG in town and 34 MPG while cruising on the highway. The Accord comes with a much larger fuel tank that is capable of taking 18.5 gallons as compared to the 13.2 that the Civic can take. In the long run, you’re likely to need less frequent trips to the gas station with an Accord.

Comfort, Convenience and Handling

Honda acknowledged the higher performance of the Accord and equipped it with disc brakes as standard on all the four wheels while the Civic comes with two rear drums and two front disc brakes. To enhance the comfort of the Accord, the car is longer, wider and is built with a wheel base that is larger. It also comes with a double wishbone suspension system as compared to the Civic which has an independent suspension system. The other features that enhance the Accord as a high end midsized family car include the auto off head lights, overhead storage ability and a trunk that can be remotely released.

When considering the interior, the Accord is more spacious allowing passengers using the back seat to stretch out more easily as compared to those in the Civic. However, when comparing the the front seats, there is not much difference between the two cars under review as the space is almost the same.

The slimmer body of the Civic works in its favor since it’s easier to find space wide enough to accommodate it in a crowded parking lot. Its turning radius is also much smaller than that of the Accord. This means that it is easier to maneuver the Civic out of tight spots compared to the Accord.

Drive Train and Power

If the strong point of the Civic is its size and maneuverability, the Accord hugely compensates this by its sheer speed. The Accord has a much higher torque which translates into speed and power. Although the Civic is less powerful than the Accord, its insurance premiums are also smaller compared to those of the Accord since it has a lower horsepower.

Utility and Warranty

Both cars will comfortably carry the same number of people although the Civic has slightly less room for cargo compared to the Accord. Both cars carry the same basic warranty from Honda.

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