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Green vs. Black Tea

Green vs. Black Tea

At a Glance

Black tea is preferred by many tea drinkers across the world for its complex, sweet taste. However, green tea has certain health benefits that are difficult to ignore.

The Chinese used to say that, “It is much better to go three days without having food than one day without having tea.” Tea is one of the most popular drinks consumed by millions all over the world. Black tea and green tea are two of the most favored variants of tea. Both the teas improve our health in one or the other. In the discussion between green tea and black tea it is very difficult to pronounce an actual winner, mainly because, both the teas come with many health benefits and different varieties to choose from. However, which tea is superior? We hope this comparison of green vs. black tea will help you decide.


Studies have shown that green tea has much more antioxidants present in it as compared to black tea. This is because green tea is less processed than black tea. This does not mean that black tea is not healthy. Black tea has antioxidants, although the concentration is not as high. Antioxidants help delay the aging process and prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Thus, green tea is a clear winner when it comes to the quantity of antioxidants in it.

Calcium Absorption

Difficulty in absorption of calcium is a common problem suffered by many. Caffeine is the main compound responsible for calcium deficiency. People who have been diagnosed with calcium deficiency must avoid black tea as it contains high levels of caffeine in it. Those who are suffering from calcium deficiency may experience fatigue after having black tea. Some people even complain about bouts of dizziness after consumption of black tea. On the other hand the amount of caffeine in green tea is much lower when compared to black tea — which is still far lower than that of coffee. Some people with calcium deficiency have been advised to switch from black tea to green tea for better health.

Health Benefits

Both black tea and green tea are rich in vitamins and minerals. The most significant of them is vitamin C. Both teas improve health in different ways. Green tea has been known to protect the body against the risk of growing several kinds of cancers. It also helps reduce the cholesterol level in the body. Green tea refreshes the senses and reduces drowsiness. Moreover, the caffeine levels in green tea are much lower than that found in black tea. On the other hand black tea aids health by lowering the risks of cardiovascular ailments. Those suffering from low blood pressure must have one to two cups of black tea every day. Black tea also aids digestion and enhances kidney functions. Hence, when we compare the health benefits of black tea with that of green tea, they both come across as winners as they both benefit the health in more than one way.


Some people are not able to adapt to the delicate grass-like taste of green tea and find the sweeter taste of black tea more appealing. As a matter of fact, black tea is preferred by many over green tea because of the taste. Also, black tea is more readily available all around the world.