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Elliptical vs. Treadmill

Elliptical vs. Treadmill

At a Glance

An elliptical machine allows you to get a good cardio workout without causing a great deal of strain on the bones and joints. However, a treadmill may be more effective if your goal is to burn as much fat as possible during your workout.

Treadmills and elliptical machines are two of the most common cardiac machines one can find in gyms. They both provide a very effective cardiac exercise, help in burning calories and increase aerobic ability. However each one has its advantages and disadvantages.Which machine would be suitable for one’s cardiac workouts? These queries and more are going to be answered here along with the advantages and disadvantages for each workout technique.

Treadmill Advantages

Pictured at top: Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer
Treadmill offers versatility. One can choose from the quick stroll to the uphill sprint. It provides numerous choices regarding incline, speed and numerous workout programs. Treadmill can also emulate natural movement for sprinting, jogging or walking. Working out with treadmill enables one’s body to burn calories faster. Walking and running on a treadmill can strengthen one’s muscles and bones. Treadmill has been known since 1800’s. It could well be the best researched cardiac machine around.

Treadmill Disadvantages

Treadmill could be hard on joints. Jogging on the treadmill could be stressful on one’s ankle joints, knee, hips and spine, specially if one doesn’t stretch or warm up, or if one runs on it excessively. While many treadmill machines have shock absorption , the impact still is significant. It could be dangerous for one to engage in high intensity workout like incline sprints, especially if one hasn’t got the adequate skill level for such exercises.

Sometimes, people want to know their pulse rate and look for their pulse rate target area. Attempting to keep hold of the treadmill handles when one is running could be tough and awkward. That’s what some people in the gym do.

There are studies that show that the belt size of a treadmill could change the way people run or walk, which will lead to posture problems and muscle imbalances.

Running an incline on a treadmill can be difficult. Many people will naturally move in the direction of the machines they consider as the most comfy and make use of that particular machine to burn their calories.

Elliptical Advantages

Elliptical has a non impact condition. The elliptical machine enables one’s body to imitate a jogging movement without resulting in the hard effect on one’s joints.

Elliptical has the ability of cross training. Most elliptical machines now are built with portable handles which enables one to exercise one’s lower and upper body simultaneously.

Most elliptical machines now enable one to perform reverse stride which will stimulate various groups of muscles and emphasize more on one’s quadriceps and give an adaptable mid-workout variety.

Research has shown that people in fact are working harder compared to what they would perceive when working out on an elliptical machine. Subjects of the researches were instructed to rate the outcome they perceived when running an elliptical machine and the most study proved subjects had underestimated the real outcome based upon their pulse rate. The elliptical machine does in fact burn with less effort near the equivalent amount of calories.

Elliptical Disadvantages

Elliptical is less dynamic. It doesn’t have the incline feature and lacks the intensity variation a treadmill has.

Elliptical has less effect of weight bearing. The good side is that less impact would prevent injury. Weight bearing workout, however, can strengthen muscles and bones and very important in the prevention of osteoporosis. Since the pedals of elliptical machines are hanging above the ground, they don’t have sufficient weight bearing effect.

Finally, the elliptical can serve as a highly effective cardiac machine for people who wish to improve cardio health and fitness with minimum impact. For optimum fat reduction, however, intense interval training workouts ought to be carried out when utilizing an elliptical machine. Be mindful that the elliptical machine calorie burn calculator usually overestimate the calorie expenditure, that may lead people to believe they’re burning up far more calories than they actually are.

Treadmill machines provide much more flexibility and also the engine of the treadmill makes one work away from one’s comfort zone. It also provides the most caloric burn since one is supporting one’s very own body weight. The additional calories one burn on the treadmill also include higher risk of injuries and pressure on one’s joints, this is why the elliptical would be a good alternative. For those who have irritating injuries that could be worsened by the running weight bearing effect, the best option would also be the elliptical.