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Dyson vs. Shark

Dyson vs. Shark

At a Glance

Shark vacuums use technology similar to that pioneered by Dyson, in that their canisters are designed not to lose suction as they fill with dust. Shark vacuums also tend to cost less than Dyson vacuums, which are some of the most expensive models on the market. However, Dyson vacuums may be more powerful.

It is not every day you buy a vacuum cleaner. You expect a good vacuum cleaner to last a decade or more, so buying a high-quality unit is a real investment. There are so many factors you take into consideration before buying a vacuum cleaner such as the suction power, noise levels, the performance on different floor types, price, warranty and more. Dyson and Shark are among the two most popular vacuum manufacturers currently. They both come equipped with the latest suction technology which leaves your house spic and span. Also, both Dyson and Shark manufacture vacuums with five year warranties. Dyson and Shark are equally good and have their own dedicated customer bases, so selecting between the two of them is a mind-boggling task. This comparative review of Dyson vs. Shark will help you decide between the two.

Design and Weight

Dyson vacuum cleaners as well as Shark vacuum cleaners are both elegantly designed machines equipped with most modern enhancements. When compared on the basis of weight, Shark cleaners are approximately 3-4 pounds lighter than the Dyson vacuum cleaners. The difference in weight is not much, however, when you have to haul the cleaner up and down the staircase every day every pound matters. Moreover, Shark cleaners come with a handle which evenly divides the weight and makes it more versatile. The Shark vacuum cleaners are also narrower in width when compared to Dyson cleaners and consume less space in your utility closet.

Noise Level

Many people are not bothered by noise when cleaning — it’s a sign that your machine is doing what it’s supposed to. However, it is something you might take into consideration if you have a small child in the house. Some people who have owned both Dyson and Shark vacuums feel subjectively that the Shark vacuums are a bit quieter.


The Dyson is well known for its Cyclone suction technology which remains consistent even when the canister is filled with dust. Many vacuum cleaners lose their suction power as the canister or dust bag starts filling up with dirt. Shark vacuum cleaners have equally effective suction power, although the power may decrease slightly as the canister fills. Most Shark vacuums have slightly smaller canisters, which allows for easier storage but may require more frequent emptying.


Price is a major factor when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner. There is not much difference in Dyson cleaners and Shark cleaners when it comes to performance; however, the price of the Dyson cleaners is twice than that of Shark cleaners. It is a major deciding factor, two vacuum cleaners, almost equal in performance and built, differ so much in price.