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Dremel vs. RotoZip

Dremel vs. RotoZip

At a Glance

The RotoZip is a cutting tool able to power through even stone surfaces, while the Dremel is a multipurpose tool with more attachments than you could possibly count. Although both tools have a variety of uses, the Dremel may be a bit more useful in the home. Its attachments also tend to cost less.

Dremel is a well-known multipurpose tool that employs a number of attachments used for various purposes such as cutting, polishing, sanding and carving. There are different models of Dremel including both corded and cordless ones. Rotozip on the other hand is also a multipurpose tool that is used for undertaking different tasks including maintenance and other heavy duty repairs. Like the Dremel, it also employs a number of attachments. Both the Dremel and RotoZip are affordable and useful for completing light household as well as heavy industrial work. If you’re trying to decide between buying a Dremel vs. RotoZip, we hope this comparative review will make your decision an easier one.

Advantages of Dremel vs. RotoZip

The two multipurpose tools portray a number of advantages. The Dremel is quite portable, weighing about two pounds. Rotozip tools are heavier and by comparison more cumbersome to transport. The Dremel has a variety of attachments useful for performing different tasks as varied as restoring furniture and cleaning grills. RotoZip attachments are specifically meant for undertaking deep precision cutting and heavy commercial tasks including making insertion through drywall and hard surfaces such as stone.

Cost of Attachments

Dremel attachments range in price from just pennies each to around $30, while RotoZip attachments tend to cost slightly more. Some of the attachments available for both tools include polishing surfaces, routers, cutters, drills and different handles. Because the Dremel is such a popular tool, it isn’t uncommon to find accessory kits with more than 100 items for $20 or less.

Features of Different Models

While RotoZip tools generally cater to customers who need to perform heavy and intensive cutting tasks, there are a variety of Dremel tools available for customers with smaller budgets and lighter duties to perform. Regardless of the tool you select, look for one with cool running bearings that help prevent the tool’s motor from overheating. In addition, look for a tool with a variable speed control.

Safety Measures

When using a Dremel or RotoZip, eye protection needs to be worn to prevent the debris from entering into the eye; a light pressure also needs to be applied during use. Over time, some attachments such as sanding tools may become less effective, requiring replacement. It is essential to always tighten the chuck and to put the screw through the chuck off wheel. RotoZip should be used with a firm and more steady pressure, it is also advisable to always spin the RotoZip in an anticlockwise direction because the bits always spin in the clockwise direction and they might be hard to control if the tool is moved in their direction.