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Crock Pot vs. Slow Cooker

Crock Pot vs. Slow Cooker

At a Glance

Crock Pot is a trademarked term for a Slow Cooker manufactured by Rival Products. Slow cookers are inexpensive, convenient and can even make some meals healthier.

If you love traditionally cooked meals but do not have enough time to cook then the method of slow-cooking is just right for you. Slow cookers, also known as Crock pots, allow you to make delicious recipes in less time. As a matter of fact Crock Pots are trademarked Slow Cookers from the Rival Company. In today’s time ‘Crock Pot’ has become a generic term and other slow cookers are also referred to as Crock Pots. A Crock Pot is now one of the handiest and must-have appliances in the kitchen today.

Here are some of the essential features and benefits of slow cookers:

Time Savings

One of the most useful features of a slow cooker is its ability to save time. A slow cooker does not require you to check or stir food on regular intervals. Hence, you can perform many other chores while cooking food in a slow cooker. Slow cooker takes more time to cook food but it reduces the time one has to spend in the kitchen. And, if you buy an automatic slow cooker you can program the slow cooker to switch off on its own after the cooking is done.

Delicious Food

Cooking food in a slow cooker gives you food that is properly cooked, nourishing and delicious. The long cooking time permits much better distribution of flavors in most recipes. The food cooked in a slow cooker is tender and a slow cooker enables you to add many ingredients together, allowing you to make several portions of different dishes in one go. Plus, the food cooked in a slow cooker is healthier as a slow cooker requires very little added fat to cook most dishes. Food cooked in crock pots is richer in vitamins and minerals as compared to foods that are fried or boiled.

Other Benefits

The least expensive cuts of meat are often the most flavorful, but these cuts can be tough when cooked using a high-heat method such as grilling. A slow cooker cooks these cuts slowly at a low heat, allowing you to enjoy their flavor — and cost savings — without the toughness. A slow cooker cooks food on low temperature for longer duration which eliminates the chances of scorching or burning food. The slow cooker also frees up your stove and oven, improving the efficiency of your kitchen when you are cooking holiday or party meals.