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Crock Pot vs. Dutch Oven

Crock Pot vs. Dutch Oven

At a Glance

An automatic crock pot can make cooking many dishes a breeze, but it can’t do some things a Dutch oven can, such as browning meats and caramelizing onions.

Those who love cooking are always looking for cooking methods that are convenient and reduce cooking time while creating healthy and delicious food. The two cooking appliances that are attracting the fancy of many amateur chefs across the world are Dutch ovens and Crock Pots (also known as Slow Cookers). The design and function of both are comparatively similar and both help achieve similar cooking results. However, both have their own set of pros and cons. We hope that this review of Crock Pots vs. Dutch Ovens will help you decide which is best for you.

Cooking Different Foods

A number of dishes can be cooked in both the Dutch oven as well as a slow cooker. In a Dutch Oven you can first roast or brown an ingredient (such as meat) and then add rest of the ingredients, cover with the lid and place it on the stove or in the oven to let the food cook fully. Similarly, you can prepare a variety of food in the Crock Pot. The only drawback of cooking meals in a Crock Pot is that some ingredients don’t work well in them. It is a complex task to prepare a milk based recipe, for example; the milk tends to curdle and you need to pay extra attention to prevent it from being ruined.

Other Appliances Needed

Cooking food in a Dutch oven is not done on its own. You need a regular oven or a stove top to cook food in a Dutch oven. On the other hand, Crock Pots are automatic appliances with their own heating elements, making it possible to cook a dish from start to finish without using another appliance. The benefit of cooking food in crock pots is that it frees up your oven and the stove top for other tasks. It may even lower your power bills. The latest range of automatic crock pots have various heat settings, adding to the variety of dishes you can cook.


A crock pot cooks food on its own. After placing the ingredients in it, closing the lid and switching on the heat setting you do not have to do anything else. No stirring required and one does not have to keep a watchful eye on it. With a crock pot you are free to perform other tasks. On the other hand, a Dutch oven requires the attention of the cook every now and them. A Dutch oven is a manual appliance and manual stirring or checking if the food is aptly cooked may be required.


The crock pots have cool exteriors. Hence, if you happen to touch it while it’s on its completely harmless. On the other hand, the exterior of a Dutch oven becomes very hot during the cooking process. A Dutch oven requires the cook to stir the food and check if the food is done time and again. Constantly coming in contact with a hot appliance is slightly risky and one must be cautious while cooking food in a Dutch oven.