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Certified vs. Raw Diamonds

Certified vs. Raw Diamonds

At a Glance

Certified diamonds have been cut and polished and include a certification from a gemologist fully describing their characteristics. Rough diamonds are freshly cut from rock and ready to be faceted according to your specifications.

Throughout the years the idea of what the diamond stands for has changed. It was once used to show others that you were someone who was royalty or very wealthy. The diamond was first used in 1477 in Vienna by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to show his engagement to Mary of Burgundy and it became common among those of significant wealth. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the diamond became suitable for all engagement rings and available to more people. However, many want to know which type of diamond is best? Is there a difference between raw diamonds and certified diamonds?

The Certified Diamond

Certified diamonds are just that. They have been examined by a professional gemologist for size and color ranking. They will use not only their eyes but a microscope or jeweler’s loupe to measure and decide what ranking it deserves. The diamond is often cut and polished so that it looks the best that it can.

Pictured at top: Black and White Diamond Ring, White Gold

The gemologist will base the ranking on what is commonly referred to as the 4 c’s. This stands for color, clarity, cut and also carat weight. Once the gemologist has made his determination there is often certification that will accompany the sale of the diamond so that you know exactly what type of diamond you have, how many carats it is and how high it ranked in regards to color.

What is a Rough Diamond?

A rough diamond can be determined and ranked by virtually anyone though often they are ranked by a jeweler who has been trained some to see what its value may be. A rough diamond will not come with certification by a gemologist and you will buy them when they look like nature created them. This means they will not be cut and polished down to sparkle like a typical diamond. Often the raw diamond is translucent which means that you can see into it but not necessarily through the stone.

The raw diamond may come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They may also have a slick or oily feeling when you rub your finger over them. This type of diamond will not typically be as valuable or the same quality as the certified diamonds. However, this does not mean they cannot still be beautiful.

Which is Right for You?

No one can make the decision but you when trying to decide whether you want a certified or raw diamond. It depends on what you want out of the diamond. If you want to invest in a diamond that will still be valuable in the years to come then a certified diamond is going to be more what you need to invest in. If you simply want a pristine diamond for an engagement ring then you will find that in a cut, polished and certified diamond. The raw diamond is more for the woman who loves things that maintain their natural beauty. They are for the person who does not require a pure white diamond that has been shaped and molded to catch the light.