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Brita vs. Pur Filters

Brita vs. Pur Filters

At a Glance

At around the same price as Brita filters, Pur filters are able to remove slightly more of the harmful substances that can potentially be found in your water. The price is also similar. However, Pur filters may slightly reduce the flow of water from your tap.

On and off we come across different media informing us about the spread of water borne diseases and how to prevent them. The best possible way to avoid getting sick from drinking contaminated water is by making sure that our drinking water is as pure as it can be. In many regions the tap water is considered safe for drinking, but in others, the need for a good water filter is indispensable. There are many different kinds of water filters available in the market but the most common ones are tap filters and pitcher filters. Of these, the two most recognized brands manufacturing such filters are Pur and Brita. Now the most important question is, which one of the two is better, Pur or Brita? Here is a comparative review which will assist you in making the right choice.

Filtration of Parasites

One of the chief reasons to consider buying a Pur water filter is that it is endorsed to remove cryptosporidium and giardia, two disease causing microorganisms. The Brita filters do not carry any such certification. Giardia and Cryptosporidium are parasitic organisms that are present in untreated water. Giardia causes an intestinal disease known as giardiasis aka “beaver fever.” Cryptosporidium causes a similar intestinal disease known as cryptosporidiosis. This is one big reason to consider Pur over Brita if you do not live in an area where a treated municipal water supply is available.


A very common problem with many filters is that it alters the taste of the water making it slightly distasteful. Brita and Pur filters both do alter the taste to some degree but consumers have found the taste of water coming out of Pur filters more agreeable. You are most likely to enjoy the taste of your filtered water if you look for a filter that adds trace minerals back into the water after filtering it.

Removal of Harmful Chemicals and Impurities

Another important factor to consider, before buying a Pur or Brita, is to what extent they are successful in removing other impurities. The Pur filters are able to remove 97% to 99 % of lead from water, whereas, Brita filters are able to remove 94% to 95% (approximately) of lead from water. Pur reduces about 94% to 97% of chlorine from water. On the other hand, Brita reduces about 91% to 94% of chlorine from water. The difference is not much, but when it comes to purification of water, even small differences count. Considering the upper hand that Pur has over Brita one may expect Pur to be more expensive, which is not the case. Pur and Brita filters are similar in price. Plus, the price of the replacement filters is also same.

Speed of Filtration

Pur has a complex filtration system hence it takes more time for the water to pass through the filter which reduces the flow of the water. Hence, if you are always in a hurry and do not like waiting for your long for water to filter out then Brita should be your choice. Brita filters out at a much faster speed when compared to Pur.