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Advantix vs. Frontline

Advantix vs. Frontline

At a Glance

Advantix and Frontline function in similar fashions and are available at roughly the same price. However, their active ingredients differ significantly.

The anti-parasitic season started and our desire to protect our dogs and cats, as well as the whole house and family of fleas, ticks and other parasites, this leads invariably to a dilemma: what to buy anti-parasite, which is better? We know from television, advertising and posters on the internet of Frontline and Advantix, two of the most famous and effective “weapon” against external parasites. But what to choose for our friend “the dog “: Frontline or Advantix? In the following we would like to present to you a comparison between Advantix vs Frontline, the assets of each product, as well as studies conducted to determine their effectiveness.

Pictured at top: Advantix II for Dogs


Advantix is created by Bayer Animal Health (animal health division of Bayer Group-Germany), it is recommended to be used only for dogs . Advantix prevents and combats the infestation with fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and manure flebotomi.

Advantix contains two active substances which act synergistically:

  • imidacloprid-the imidacloprid is an insecticide in neoticodid group , systemic and with a broad spectrum of action, substance which attack the immune system of parasites.
  • permethrin-Permethrin is a synthetic piretroid with wide spectrum of activity, low toxicity and neurotropal action (on the nervous system of fleas and capsules).

This combination acts as an insecticide, acaricide, repellent against ticks , fleas and mosquitoes, thus preventing feeding pests with blood and reducing the risk of transmission of diseases transmitted by vectors (Canine Vector-Borne Disease or CVBD, such as borreliosis, ricketioza, erlichioza, leishmaniasis).

Advantix can also be used during lactation and gestation


Frontline contains a combination of active substances that ensure 100% proven effective against the fleas (including eggs and larvae) and 90% against ticks:

  • fipronil – substance discovered in 1985-1987 and used since 1993 in the battle against fleas and ticks
  • metopren – unharmed substance for birds and animals, but very effective against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, the moths, ants, and many other insects.

Frontline is a treatment that kills the fleas and ticks through contact with parasite medication applied to the skin of your pet animal.After application, Frontline passes into the blood of the animal, but focuses in its skin of sebum (a thin layer of the surface) are stored in the sebaceous glands. Frontline is therefore through the store for several weeks, being resistant to rain, baths and shampoos. Following a 48-hour interval between application and exposure to water, and without exceeding a bath and wash with shampoo a week, Frontline remains effective even after bathing and washing with shampoo.

Fleas and ticks are killed when they come in contact with the molecule and the toxic substances on the animal skin. Frontline acts on the nervous system of pests, they die because of hyper-exercitation nerve. Frontline provides extra security against fleas: it contains in addition an regulator of insect development. This prevents the infestation of regulator with eggs laid before flea’s death.


The price for Advantix is around 43$ but it can go up to 121 $ . In comparison with the Advantix , the price for Fronline is around 20 $ but it can go up to 190 $. So can price can be a decisive factor in choosing the anti-parasitic substance? Many people said that Frontline is better then Advantix not because of his bigger price but the chemical composition makes the difference .

Note: This report was compiled using publicly available information found online. We make no claims regarding veterinary expertise and advise that you consult your pet’s veterinarian before purchasing any medication.