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Bowflex vs. Free Weights

Posted in Household

It’s less expensive to get started with free weights than it is to buy a Bowflex, and free weights are the better option if you want to bulk up quickly. However, the Bowflex and home gyms like it limit your range of motion for a safer workout with less injury risk.

Total Gym vs. Bowflex

Posted in Household

The Total Gym has as lower cost of entry than the Bowflex, and most Total Gym models fold for easy storage. However, more exercises are available with the Bowflex, which also offers greater maximum resistance and has no height or weight restrictions.

Total Gym vs. VigorFit

Posted in Household

The VigorFit has a lower starting price than the Total Gym. It may last longer as well, since the parts most susceptible to damage from use are reinforced. However, deck the Total Gym out with all available accessories and you’ll have a greater variety of exercises at your disposal.

Soloflex vs. Bowflex

Posted in Household

Although the Bowflex offers a greater variety of exercises than the Soloflex, the Soloflex is a more compact home gym and might be the better choice for those with little storage space.

Silver Maple Leaf vs. Silver Eagle

Posted in Money

The Silver Eagle is the most popular and most recognized silver bullion coin in the United States. However, the Silver Maple Leaf is an excellent alternative that can save you a bit of money.

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